If you need Party Favors, “Thank You” treats, or just want to do That Little Something for someone, it is simple to “customize” a treat holder to fit the treat you are giving.

Here is what you need:

Print the gift tag and text tag on the white textured cardstock

Cut a rectangle from the 12 x 12 cardstock with the following measurements:

  • Width is the width of your treat, plus ½ inch
  • Length is twice the length of your treat, plus 2 ½ inches.



Score at the lines as shown above.

Fold at the score lines in the center of the rectangle to “box” the bottom. (see photo below)

Fold (toward the outside of the Treat Holder) at the score lines at each end to make a “border” at the top of the treat bag.  Glue the folded section down. (see photo below)


Optional:  Trim the top edges of the treat bag with “crinkle cut” craft scissors.

Also optional:  Use the “Template for Text Tag Backing” to cut out matching cardstock.  Glue the Text Tag to the backing.

Punch holes in the top center of the treat holder, the gift tag and the text tag, and attach them to the treat holder with ribbon.

Add some double sided tape to the back of your treat, and attach it to the inside of the Treat Holder.

Done, and exactly the right size!

Hope this makes your life just a little less complicated!





Although the designs in my Etsy Shop are for Mini Note Cards with matching Gift Tags, they can be used for lots of other things!

Here on my blog, I will be offering ideas about creative ways to use the designs, not just as cards and gift tags, but for fun little projects and gifts.

I will include free downloads when needed to complete those projects and gifts.

This week, I added 4 new spring flower designs in my Etsy Shop:


I also designed this Treat Holder, and used the new Tulip Mini Card to embellish it.


Here is the link to the template for the Treat Holder:


I assembled the Treat Holder, and attached the front of the Tulip Mini Card.  (Just fold the card in half and cut at the crease.)

To finish, I punched a hole at the top of the Treat Holder, added netting, and then added a bow from a scrap of ribbon.

This is just the right size for a cookie, fun sized candy bars, or any other small treat you want to give to someone to brighten their day!

How great would this be to “sneak” into someone’s lunch box or leave on a co-worker’s desk?

Happy Gifting…




Here are some little gift bags I made from the stash of fabric in my work room.

Since I ALWAYS save the leftover fabric scraps from my projects, I had lots of choices.  This made it easy to come up with a quick and inexpensive way to add a special touch when I want to give someone a small gift.


Here’s what I did:

Cut a rectangle from the fabric scrap.

  • 7 inch X 18 inch for the large ones in the photo
  • 6 inch X 10 inch for the small one in the photo

Fold them in half, right sides together to make:

  • 7 inch X 9 inch rectangle for the large one
  • 6 inch X 5 inch for the small one

Stitch the sides together with ¼ inch seams.

Hem the top edge.

Turn right side out and fill with candy (M & M’s are my “Go To” candy!), gourmet coffee, hot chocolate mix, potpourri, or whatever your “Giftee” might love!

Gather the top, tie with a ribbon or lace, and add a matching gift tag.

So cute…

So quick…

So inexpensive!

Take some time to pull out your fabric stash and make a BUNCH of these to have on hand when you need them.

Happy Gifting!





Connecting Through The Written Word



Communication through today’s technology is a wonderful thing.

However, there is a lot to be said for the connection between people that goes along with communication through the written word.

There is something special about messages and thoughts written by hand.  It shows we took extra time from our daily lives to express our feelings to others.

If you have a young person in your life, consider gifting them with a set of notecards or gift cards to encourage them to pause and connect with others this way.

The sets pictured above are from my Etsy Shop, and would make a great Stocking Stuffer or inexpensive gift.  You can check them out at:



Print, cut out, and assemble these, tie them up with a ribbon, or package them with one of the matching gift tags.

As an alternative, just print the designs on cardstock as a gift.  Let your young friend or relative do the assembly, or make a memory by spending some time together creating their new stationery set.

Hoping you have the Merriest Christmas Ever!



Christmas Tags

These are the gift tags from the new “Christmas Couples design in my Etsy Shop.

I printed them on ivory cardstock, added some chalk around the edges, and use twine instead of ribbon for a different look.  These would look great with gifts wrapped in plain brown paper.

See them at www.etsy.com/shop/PixelDustPrintables1

Have a great day!



Joining the Planner Craze

dsc_0193For the past several weeks, I have been looking (and looking and looking) at planners.

They are EVERYWHERE!  And each one is cuter than the last one.

I have given in to the OCD side of my personality, and jumped on the Planner Addict bandwagon.

My Erin Condren planner arrived last week, and it was like opening a Christmas present!

Wrapped in tissue, with a cute little seal, bubble wrap, and THEN…



Discount coupons, stickers, sticker books, a pouch to hold stuff, affirmation cards, gift labels, and a little Thingie.  Don’t know what the Thingie is for yet, but it looks FUN, and I am gonna’ find out!

Now on to the Planner itself, which is what I actually ordered, after all.

It has more stickers, a Cutie Cute pocket folder, a ruler attached to the outside, and a little perpetual calendar.  I also ordered some stick-on storage pockets to attach to individual pages, and will be storing cards in them for birthdays, etc.

And – I was right – the mini cards that are in my Etsy shop are just the right size for those pockets!    http://www.etsy.com/shop/PixelDustPrintables1

So I will be adding Planner Accessories to my Christmas list.  And I will be organized to the MAX in 2017.

That’s the game plan, anyway…

Smiles and giggles,




Self Portrait


This is a week of cleaning and organizing for me.

During the process, I came upon this little angel that I made YEARS ago, when I first started selling crafts that I made.

This angel is the one item that I refused to sell.  I always called it my self-portrait, because her randomness and wild-looking hair reminded me of how crazy my life/schedule was during those days.

Coincidentally, (or maybe not!), this week I received in the mail my copy of “The Magnolia Story”, by Chip and Joanna Gaines.  The book really tugged at my heart because it stresses the importance of simplicity and staying true to what is important in life.  It also had a recurring theme of events in Chip and Joanna’s lives that clearly were all part of a greater plan.  I really identify with that theme.  I often look back on events in my crazy life and say – “Oh, I get it now!”.

That book, and my Self Portrait Angel, reminded me of why I love the creative process, and helped me FINALLY make some decisions that have evaded me recently.

So this little angel is out of storage and will continue to sit on my computer as an inspiration to stay true to the creative process and those things that are truly important in life!

Hope your day is wonderful!